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Heavy duty multitasking lathes


The MT4-H series lathes are 4-GUIDE HEAVY DUTY LATHES that allow the steady rests to run on independent guides in relation to those of the slide. These products are conceived from the experience of PBR Perico Baroni Raimondi in the heavy duty turning world, combined with the continuous investments by OMG Zanoletti in the research and development focused on designing technologically advanced products. The design engineers paid great attention to the generous sizing of the structural elements of the machine as well as ergonomics and practicality of use. The versatility of the MT4-H lathe allows to mount accessories for boring, milling and grinding operations with the further option of adding additional slides with milling units and Y-axis.

The bench is equipped with large hardened and ground guides and is wide enough to support large diameter steady rest without creating interference with the slide. The head, with external range change for ease of maintenance, houses a series of gears suitably sized to take full advantage of the motor torque.

The NiCrMo forged steel spindle, cemented, hardened and ground, is supported by heavy duty bearings. The live center also has a spindle line supported by bearings, a load cell to guarantee the necessary pressure plus an automatic compensation system for the thermal elongation of the piece.

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Main features

The headstock has an external gear box and an internal series of gears properly sized to exploit all the available torque. The external gear box allows faster changes of the speed ranges, less noise, less overheating and easy maintenance.


The spindle in NiCrMo forged steel, cemented, tempered and ground is supported by bearings that provide very heavy loads.


Great emphasis was placed in the design of structural elements of the machine. The bed is a monolithic structure in Meehanite cast-iron made in Italy. It has 3 upper guides plus a forth guide on the front side to support the saddle during the machining of the bigger diameters. All the guides are hardened and ground and positioned in order to support large steady rests without interference with the saddle’s movement.


The tailstock has a spindle supported by roller and thrust bearings. A system with load cell controls the axial thrust pressure and the thermal dilatation recovery. The displacement of the tailstock base and quill is electrically managed.

Z axis movement

The Z axis movement is granted by double pinions and a rack with slant, tempered and ground teeth. A couple of motors and high precision reduction gears work with the “Master and Slave” system controlled by CN.

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Technical data

Select the model

MT4-H 900

Center height mm 430 - 480 - 530 - 580
Turning diameter over the bed mm 860 - 960 - 1060 - 1160
Turning diameter over saddle mm 600 - 700 - 800 - 900
Admissible weight between centers DaN 6000 - 10000
Distance between centers mm 30000
Spindle motor power kW 28 - 39
Spindle nose ASA 11 - 15

MT4-H 1200

Center height mm 600 - 650 - 700 - 750
Turning diameter over the bed mm 1200 - 1300 - 1400 - 1500
Turning diameter over saddle mm 920 - 1020 - 1120 - 1220
Admissible weight between centers DaN 10000 - 15000
Distance between centers mm 30000
Spindle motor power kW 39 - 51
Spindle nose ASA 15

MT4-H 1500

Center height mm 850 - 900 - 950
Turning diameter over the bed mm 1700 - 1800 - 1900
Turning diameter over saddle mm 1300 - 1400 - 1500
Admissible weight between centers DaN 20000 - 30000 - 50000
Distance between centers mm 30000
Spindle motor power kW 51 - 71
Spindle nose ASA 15 - 20
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Manual lathes

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CNC teach-in lathes – flow rate max. 5 tons



CNC teach-in lathes – flow rate max. from 6 to 15 tons



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MT4 - H

Heavy duty multitasking lathes

MT4 - H
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