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Lathes production since 1965

Lathes 100% Made in Italy

CNC teach-in lathes
series SNC - PBR

Lathes 100% Made in Italy

CNC teach-in lathes series CNA

Lathes 100% Made in Italy

Lathes for valves

Lathes 100% Made in Italy

Internal processing

Lathes 100% Made in Italy

Lathes lines


Manual lathes

TP - Torni paralleli


CNC teach-in lathes – flow rate max. 5 tons



CNC teach-in lathes – flow rate max. from 6 to 15 tons



Lathes for valves machining


MT4 - H

Heavy duty multitasking lathes

MT4 - H

A history of quality and professionalism

A company in continuous development to ensure the levels of excellence that has distinguished it since 1965.

Since then the OMG Zanoletti lathe has been recognised as a sector leader for its superior levels of quality, precision and reliability, gaining the trust of a demanding and prestigious client portfolio.

Our key strong points
Elevata precisione delle lavorazioni ottenibile con i torni OMG

High-performing hard-wearing lathes for a secure investment

Assistenza nella risoluzione di problemi di lavorazione

Production is performed in-house at OMG Zanoletti, using cast iron and mechanical components exclusively Made in Italy

Esperienza di oltre 50 anni nella produzione di torni

Installation and training courses provided by company personnel


“VALVOMEC Srl produces bronze industrial valves and we need reliable and precise machinery on our production line. Thanks to the reliability and high levels of removal, the OMG Zanoletti twin-turret turning centre for valves is the solution that produced the highest volume of products out of all our fleet of machinery last year.”

Dr. Caruso, VALVOMEC Srl

"Comotti-MC has commissioned OMG Zanoletti to resolve its turning related problems for almost 50 years. We have received reliability, quality and support throughout all these years.
Thank you OMG!"

Michele Comotti, COMOTTI-MC Srl

“CONAV Srl works in the steam turbo generator maintenance sector. The OMG Zanoletti CNA 350x2000 lathe we purchased in 2002 has always been an excellent and highly reliable product. I can confirm that the quality and professional skills of OMG Zanoletti’s personnel have always been of an exceptional standard."

Mr. Cardinale, CONAV Srl

“SIRELMA GROUP has been using OMG Zanoletti lathes since 2002 with highly satisfactory results. In particular we use a PBR-OMG Zanoletti lathe made in 2011 mod. PBR SNC 600X3000 with no problems and excellent productivity levels. As further proof of our satisfaction, in 2018 we purchased another 2 new OMG Zanoletti lathes mod. CNA 400x2000”

Gianluigi Serena, CEO

“VACCARI Spa has used PBR model lathes since 1997. In 2017 we purchased a new OMG Zanoletti lathe mod. CNA 400x4000 and we can state with great satisfaction that also the most recent OMG-PBR laths stand apart for the quality of the product, rated as top of the league in its category”

Mr. Bettini, VACCARI Spa


Many global leader enterprises use our lathes.

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